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Basic Journalism Course #10 of 1984
The Defense Information School (DINFOS)

Basic Journalism Class # 10 of 1984

DINFOS - Defense Information School

(Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana)

Spring / Summer 1984

Sorted by Final Newspaper Projects

(Click on Project Names to see them)

The Final Chapter

Seaman Stephen M. Smith, USCG, Editor

Spec. 4 Wendy S. Wulff, USA, Asst. Editor

Airman 1st Class Julie A. Trzeciak, USAF, Photographer

Spec. 4 Barbara A. Blackburn, USA

Pfc. Walter C. Kunz, Jr., USA

Seaman Brigmon D. Lohman, USN

Seaman Kimberly K. Mitzel, USN

Seaman Recruit Wesley J. Hansen, USN

Grand Finale

Airman 1st Class Denise E. Freeland, USAF, Editor

Lance Cpl. Ray P. Hartsfield, USMC, Asst. Editor

Petty Officer 3rd Class Glenn E. Rosenholm, USCG, Photographer

Pfc. Peter M. Aro, USMC

Airman Teresa K. Davis, USAF

Airman Stephen J. Doerflinger, USAF

Master Sgt. Antonio D. Macaranas, PC

Seaman Jerry A. Mullins, USN

Airman 1st Class Michael A. Fanelli, USAF


Seaman Ann J. Isaksen, USNR, Editor

Airman Donald R. Swinscoe, USAF, Asst. Editor

Airman Hai V. Doan, USAF, Photographer

Pvt. 2 Todd A. Cosper, USA

Airman Linda M. Ipser, USAF

Airman 1st Class Seth A. Malgieri, USAF

Pfc. Tawna B. McCredie, USAR

Airman Thomas J. Mullican Jr., USAF

Pfc. Kimberly J. Nelson, USA


Spec. 4 James A. Abel, USA, Editor

Spec. 4 Timothy J. Liszewski, USA

Seaman Apprentice Scott A. Johnson, USN, Photographer

Pfc. Robert G. Huey

Pfc. Steven M. Frank, USMC

AK3 Robb F. Pailthorpe, USN

Seaman Anthony D. Lowe, USN

Pvt. 2 M. Victor Fambro, USA


Links to individual classmates

provided, whenever possible

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  • Managing Editor Petty Officer 1st Class Robert B. Leggat, USN
  • SFC W. Lopez, USA
  • SSgt C. D. Moore, USMC
  • JO1 C. T. Howard, USN

Commandant Col. Gary L. Werner, USA
Deputy Commandant  Col. J. R. Murphy, USMC
Dean of Academic Services Dr. Jack Rubak, DAC
School Secretary Maj. W. A. Hargraves, Jr., USA
Chief, Personnel Services Division Maj. S. L. Fisher, USA
Adjutant CPT D. L. Mossbarger, USA
Director of Training LTC Herbert E. Blanks, USA
Public Affairs Officer Mary C. Rothgeb, DAC
Sergeant Major SGM Marlon S. Miles, USA
Senior Enlisted Coordinator  MSG Dale M. McInnis, USA


U. S. Army

Maj. T. E. Conrad, USA

U. S. Marine Corps

Maj. C. G. Weaver, USMC

U. S. Navy

CWO2 G. M. Webb, USN

U. S. Air Force

Maj. J. S. O'Rourke, IV, USAF

U. S. Coast Guard

CWO3 R. M. Meidt, USCG

Dear DINFOS Alum,

    I welcome you to this opportunity to recapture our days north of Indianapolis.

    Please explore this site and the related links.

    Feel free to build on what is here.  I welcome any suggestions and contributions.

    With all the life experience that we've had, reuniting with each other will open our eyes to so much.

    Nostalgically yours, Vito Vitkauskas

Pronouncing The Name of Your Friendly, Neighborhood Webmaster: Vito "Vitkauskas"

      The pronunciation of Vitkauskas seems simple and phonetic to another Lithuanian.

    Still, others want hints.

    "Vitt-kows-kuss" seems close, but not very memorable.

    Elsie says, trying to pronounce the surname "with cow's kiss" makes it a more "moo"-ving, memorable muttering.

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